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North Gwinnett/South Forsyth, Georgia

Community Overview




In A Nutshell

South Forsyth may be more of a state of mind than a real place on the map, but it's real in the hearts and minds of its residents. Much of the physical attraction of South Forsyth can be attributed to the presence of Lake Lanier on its northern boundary, but part of the appeal of this area is the city of Buford, home to the Mall of Georgia, and the nearby communities of Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek and Suwanee. South Forsyth embodies all that is good about life lived near metropolitan Atlanta. It's also close enough to the country to have the Chattahoochie National Recreation Center at your back door.

Walking, Biking, or Driving

Buford is just 40 minutes or so from Atlanta, but residents of the area trade their personal vehicles for less mechanized transportation when they come home to South Forsyth. Local residents willingly leave the fast lane, preferring to walk and jog the trails, ride the finished portions of the Western Gwinnett Bikeway, or go boating and canoeing in nearby waters. Forsyth and surrounding counties are served by local public transportation, but the interstates and state highways are still the way to get to work, shopping, and leisure-time activities.

The Scene

Life in South Forsyth blends a rural setting with the advantage of easy access to urban amenities. It is removed enough from the city to offer a respite from stress, but offers all the advantages of good schools, fine shopping and dining and easy access to the Mall of Georgia with more than two million square feet of shopping and entertainment. Buford is the local cultural and shopping center, with fine restaurants, annual festivals and community celebrations. Just minutes to the north, Lake Lanier is a destination resort as well as the local water supply, boasting a full range of recreational opportunities.

The Backstory

The western half of South Forsyth falls within Forsyth County. The eastern half of the area is part of Gwinnett County. Forsyth County was carved out of the original land area belonging to Cherokee Country back in 1832. It was named after John Forsyth, a former U.S. secretary of state under Presidents Jackson and Van Buren who was instrumental in the purchase of Florida from Spain. Gwinnett County, home to Buford and Suwanee, is the second most populous county in Georgia.


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