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Midtown / Piedmont Park, Georgia

Community Overview




In A Nutshell

Midtown is on the move. Always a popular neighborhood, Midtown and Piedmont Park are currently enjoying renewed vigor, destined to help this Number 4 neighborhood retain its ranking on the Best Places to Live in Atlanta list. Midtown is one of the largest of Atlanta's 242 neighborhoods, and is also the second-largest business district, nestled between Downtown and Buckhead up north.

Walking, Biking, or Driving

The nexus of Atlanta's mobility alternatives is concentrated in Midtown, with the area's top walkability score, a corresponding bike score and the highest pedestrian count anywhere other than the Georgia Tech campus. There are sidewalks and transit options in addition to streets, and the goal is not to do away with traffic, but to "customize mobility and transportation options" in the area. It seems to be working and a new mega-developer is even planning a full-time "mobility concierge" to work with future tenants and guests.

The Scene

Known as Atlanta's "heart of the arts," Midtown is also home to the Midtown Mile, a heady parade of boutique shops, eateries and other destination attractions that run along Peachtree Street. Piedmont Park is Atlanta's premier green space in a city that values its parks and natural spaces. Many of the city's favorite celebrations take place here, and residents as well as visitors flock to the Botanical Garden, the High Museum of Art and a multitude of restaurants and clubs. The view of the city skyline is absolutely phenomenal.


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Neighborhood Summary For Sale


Median List Price For Sale Properties
  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Sq. Ft.
  • Price
  • $/Sq.Ft
  • Average
  • Beds1.79
  • Baths1.89
  • Sq. Ft.1321.71
  • Price$659,907
  • $/Sq.Ft.$462
  • Low
  • Beds1
  • Baths1
  • Sq. Ft.0
  • Price$170,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$243
  • High
  • Beds6
  • Baths7
  • Sq. Ft.6000
  • Price$3,295,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$1,086
  • Median
  • Beds2
  • Baths2
  • Sq. Ft.1091
  • Price$435,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$424

Neighborhood Summary Pending


Median List Price Pending Properties
  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Sq. Ft.
  • Price
  • $/Sq.Ft
  • Average
  • Beds1.75
  • Baths1.78
  • Sq. Ft.1213.92
  • Price$550,436
  • $/Sq.Ft.$415
  • Low
  • Beds1
  • Baths1
  • Sq. Ft.457
  • Price$110,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$176
  • High
  • Beds7
  • Baths6
  • Sq. Ft.5543
  • Price$3,100,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$1,206
  • Median
  • Beds2
  • Baths1
  • Sq. Ft.926
  • Price$395,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$380

Neighborhood Summary Sold